OLMOD is a collection of community mods for Overload. It enhances multiplayer with a server browser, joining a match in progress, extra match modes such as capture the flag and more.
Unzip the olmod package into the same directory as Overload. This directory is the same directory that contains the Overload executable as well as the subdirectory Overload_Data. You can then run olmod from within the same directory as Overload.
To verify that olmod got correctly installed and started, look at the version banner at the top right of the game's main menu: overload main menu when olmod is installed

Getting Started Playing Online

Using the in-game server browser
To begin playing Overload online from within olmod:
  1. Click "Play Multiplayer"
  2. Click "Server Browser"
  3. If there are already running matches, click "Join" to instantly join the game on that server.
  4. Or to create a new game:
    1. Click "Create" on one of the currently free servers
    2. Change the game settings to your liking, when satifisfied click "Create Match"
    3. The IP address of the server is already filled in, just click "Create Match" again
Do not hesitate to join running matches. Games which you are not supposed to join are either presented as "Closed" (meaning "join in progress" has been disabled), or as "Join (PW)" (password required, see below) in the server browser. Note: Overload also features an in-game chat, by default it is bound to key
Password-protected matches
To create a password-protected match, just append an underscore and the password to the server's IP address, like this:
. Be careful to leave the IP intact. The server browser will show a "Join (PW)" button for such games. After clicking it, you must append the password to the IP in the same way.
Playing as Observer (spectator)
To take part in a game as an observer, create a pilot called
and join the game.
Playing without the server browser
You may also go to "Play Multiplayer", "Internet Match" to create or join games. You need to manually type in (or paste with
) the IP of the server you want to use. Look at the Tracker page to find the IPs of currently running public servers (the in-game server browser uses the same data).
For more information, see the olmod project on github.
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